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"The technology from GooFra Optics "

  • Thanks to improving the technology within spectrometry distinguish we us by:

    • Higher sensitivity: all existing spectrometers work with equal sensitivity and measuring speed for all wavelengths the spectrometer is built for. Our spectrometers don’t use this principle! The new light-sensitive instrument deviates by what is usual for spectrometers and gives additional information at which for every golf length a custom measuring sensitivity and measuring time is. This results in faster measuring times and better sensitivity for the golf lengths in which usual spectrometers should be left as noise. In the application is it possible to calculate the result back to a usable presentation. Compatibility with current measuring methods is guaranteed. Result: an optimal measuring result!
    • Integrating 16 light sources instead of 2 light sources and more light-sensitive measuring instruments in one device. The measuring result is strongly dependent on the combination of light and measuring fabric. In the development is it possible to find the combination of light and fabric very fast. This is possible by selecting different light sources in the device and control them. and the optimal measuring result is now achievable.
    • Measuring range from 300nm and 2300nm. thanks to our technology!
    • To make to integrated light sources work to gather at the best way we use serval spectrometers. To measure fast should the light sources work independently to set on and off.

These devices need to be capable of measuring a special response from materials after they are hit by UV light. Visual light or infrared light. The measuring instrument needs to measure so fast and precise that, in case of the researchable material sequentially or simultaneously with different light sources gets hit, the spectral transition response can get measured. It is also possible to recognize materials with a higher discrimination factor and to measure the composition.

The combination of light souse and the light-sensitive measuring instrument is essential to measure fabrics. because of this can materials get measured that wasn’t able to measure with the old measuring equipment and can existing materials be more precisely measured. A feasibility study conducted by us indicates that this is possible.

Water sector

GooFra Optics can play an innovative and defining role in the development of new measuring equipment. Expensive and time-consuming laboratory research is now not necessary anymore. Chemicals are not needed anymore because we don’t need/use them in our measuring equipment. Until now it is in a lot of cases not possible to measure without chemicals, we change that. Bacteria like Ecoli, Legionella, and Listeria will be detected in seconds with our inline measuring equipment, It is possible to measure 24/7 and see the results. Are you enthusiastic about the possibilities? Please contact us!

Chemical sector

When producing products like plastic is a small change in the molecular composition enough to make to product unusable. With the technology from GooFra Optics is it possible to make inline measuring equipment that can 24/7 control/ analyze the composition from the product. from entry from the resources to the export of a product is it possible to measure in every stage and control the quality. Expensive and time-consuming laboratory research is now not needed anymore. This could be implemented when you are creating new products. Our technology makes this possible. The possibilities with the technology from GooFra Optics within the chemical sector are endless, should we start working on the development together? Contact us below!



Health care

Speed of controls and analyzes in the health care is determinative for the right treatment. GooFra Optics is capable of measuring blood values within seconds. Controlling tissues for analyzing cancer could be much faster results within 10 minutes are achievable. Research proved that when patients need to change their medication for an alternative it is in a lot of cases possible that the patient will get side effects. With the technology from GooFra Optics is it possible to measure the difference in medicals and see what substance could create this side effect. Help us develop health care and contact us!

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